Software and hardware platform for gaming machines

Switching from an online casino to a land-based one can be confusing. Here we have a game that is great in the “virtual”, but taking it to the material world is complicated and often comes with a whole lot of bugs and complications. We have just the solution for that.

Putting together a good gambling game that attracts players’ interest and allows the casino owner to make a profit is often a difficult and costly endeavor. In order to make maximum use of your game’s potential, usually the next step is to install it on a gaming machine. This solution allows for playing even without Internet access, and opens the door to new markets and distribution channels. 

Convenience and security

The software platform for Railstein’s gaming machines is guided by two priorities: user-friendliness and safety. Importantly, it is fully compatible with the Chrome browser. The solution enables easy adaptation of the machine to one’s own needs thanks to the modular structure of the system, and ensures plain and simple integration thanks to Docker containerization.

We also put major emphasis on security, which includes strong protection against unauthorized third-party interference. The hard drive is encrypted using hardware and software keys, with additional use of a multifunctional system which examines system integrity in real time. Each breach of security is reported when the permanent self-destruct feature is triggered.

Whole palette of possibilities

The platform provides the possibility of using a broad range of equipment. It supports, among others:
– up to two screens of any resolution,
– most touch screens and overlays,
– most banknote and coin acceptors and recirculators,
– printers,
– cameras,
– sound (from stereo to even 5.1),
– physical buttons,
– SAS protocol,
– logic outputs for dedicated peripherals, e.g., vibration in the chair.

Case by case approach

But that’s not all! We provide complete solutions in the production of gaming machines, including implementation of a dedicated housing and delivery of equipment.
There are no two projects alike, which is why we use a case-by-case approach. Please contact us for more details.

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