Billing system

Total control of your casino in just one software

Are you a casino owner or are you thinking about opening one? A step like this is a major decision, but what if I told you that there is a way to do it no matter the location? With our solution, you will be able to travel while having full and ongoing control over your premises.


Owning a casino is a huge responsibility. Continuous control of what is happening inside, monitoring the results, timesheets and employee schedules, as well as checking financial reports are just the tip of the iceberg. As with any business, time and costs are vital, which is why we have created an optimal solution that will give you no-worries control over your premises.


Nowadays, we all appreciate simplicity in management and comprehensive solutions for business. Particularly with casino owners in mind, we have designed a system that offer a major simplification in conducting operations from every corner of the world. Railstein’s billing software enables detailed preview of reports (including IN, OUT, balance, percentage balance, attendance, employees, gaming devices), handling of the authorization control system, monitoring of employee working time and checking attendance.

Using our Billing System, you can freely add machines to your premises and move these machines in between them if necessary. On top of that, you can supplement the machines with counters in order to browse their history. The system also enables machine initialization – reset of counters with archiving of previous data.

At the end of the month, the Billing System will automatically prepare a settlement for a land-based casino, which means less employee involvement. Our billing system works independently of producers of gaming devices, giving the possibility of billing on the basis of counters. The software also supports all forms of payment, including ATM Blockchain Railstein devices.

Our system gives total access to the recorded data, including exact employee activity in the system. Thanks to this, the owner can rely on data archiving and have access to all activities at his premises. It is also possible to program dedicated functions for the specific needs of your casino.

Access to information

The Billing System provides data in a transparent and understandable way. Thanks to this, the casino owner does not have to worry about a growing pile of documents and tables, while still keeping up to date. Simple but powerful filters make data search easier. The software can handle multiple land-based casinos, so you can easily compare the results if necessary.

The owner has full control over employee access to information. Each user can be assigned a role and scope of capabilities (Admin, Owner, Operator, Manager, Employee). Your staff see only as much as they need. As an example, they can add a counter to a machine or check attendance.

Security is enhanced by the ability to manage user rights and check current and historical activity. The system also offers blocking users in a critical situation.


Security of casino data is a top priority. The Billing System operates in the SaaS model, which means that it’s a service. The entire system is located in a secure and guarded computing cloud. Regular backups ensure minimized risk of data loss. Only the casino owner has access to full information via an encrypted link. The Billing System offers all of this without the need to purchase additional equipment.


Railstein’s Billing System operates under a convenient subscription model:

1 casino XXX PLN / month
2-5 YYY casinos PLN / month
+5 ZZZ casinos PLN / month
The price already includes VAT (23%).

The subscription includes support for up to 100 gaming devices, cloud computing maintenance, regular data backups and future updates.
The cost of performing dedicated functions in the system is priced individually.

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